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OPEN Conference 2021 by RELO

On February 6, 2021, ATENK Vice president - Dina Alibekova and Kyzylzhar district ATENK Ambassador - Beinegul Bekbolatova presented their teaching experience with writing using Miro at the Central Asia OPEN Online Conference. Both of them, have previously completed the OPEN Program Global Online Course (former E-Teacher Program) on TESOL Methodology.

This is an online grant program for English teachers through the US Department of State, Regional English Language Office.This is just one of the many courses available through this online program.

In November Dina and Beinegul were participants in the webinar led by August Garnsey, Virtual English Language Fellow (Nur-Sultan) on integrating the MIRO platform into any online lesson in Kazakhstan. A previous survey conducted by the presenters, showed that North Kazakhstan teachers consider writing to be the most difficult skill to be taught remotely.

In their presentation the advantages of using MIRO in teaching writing were demonstrated in its practical part where different tools were used to make it engaging and productive. Also, they pointed out the benefit of collaboration between rural and urban schools via this platform.


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