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ATENK Leadership Camp 2021 – Where leaders gather!

On Saturday, October 23, we had a great event - ATENK Leadership Camp.
The event took place in the Greenwood Hotel, Petropavlovsk.

The host of the event was Albina Kassenova – the President of ATENK. The guests of the event were Olga Paterova – The US Embassy representative, Evgeny Tetyukhin – Kozybaev University, Aigul Zhilkozhina – Education department representative. Olga Paterova shared the information about programs for English teachers supported by the Regional English Language Office. More than 20 teachers of English from Petropavlovsk and the Northern region were invited to participate in Leadership Camp! Great speakers such as Zhainagul Ibraeva, Tatyana Arendarenko, Olesya Vodopyanova, Assemgul Ibraimova, Beinegul Bekbolatova, and Antonina Shashtauletova conducted captivating sessions.

During the sessions, different angles of leadership concepts were discussed and brought food for thinking. Different leadership styles such as transformational, distributed, situational and instructional were new to most of participants, which made them reflect and think about what kind of leadership they have experienced before. Along with leadership styles, continuing professional development issues have been discussed – CPD is one of the key features of a leader, so during the sessions ATENK members were exposed to a thought-provoking session, where they were able to reflect on their professional development and set plans for the future.

Fresh air, friendly atmosphere and learning environment, a lot of fun and photos, pleasant communication, ATENK branded products and certificates – is not a full list of things, which that day was given to ATENK members!



ATENK Leadership Camp 2021: full video part 1

ATENK Leadership Camp 2021: full video part2

ATENK Leadership Camp 2021 - Instagram video


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