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What is an ATENK ambassador

What's an ATENK Ambassadors Project

Are you a leader at your school? Are you a leader in your district? Or you want to become a leader in your community, but didn’t have an opportunity? 

ATENK Ambassadors is a project designed for English teachers of North Kazakhstan & Petropavlovsk. The main goal of the project is to establish an enthusiastic team of leader teachers across North Kazakhstan in all 14 districts to promote best teaching practices. 

The 14 selected English teachers will be ATENK’s ‘ambassadors’ in their districts, presenting our mission and facilitating professional development opportunities in all levels, especially rural areas. 

ATENK will organise different professional development workshops and training sessions in all 14 districts, where ATENK Ambassadors will be asked to conduct and lead the events. 

Also, another plan is to organise contests,  for instance, a Spelling Bee Contest or a Best Teacher Award, where ATENK Ambassadors will be in charge in organising it in their district. 

Selected participants for ATENK Ambassadors position will be required to attend a mandatory one-day ‘ATENK Ambassadors training’ in Petropavlovsk, American Corner. 

The one-day training will include a free coffee-break and lunch to all participants. 

Travel expenses for rural participants will be covered by ATENK. 

‘ATENK Ambassador Certificates’ will be provided to the participants.

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