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Hello, dear English teachers!

We congratulate you on the beginning of the school year! We wish this year is productive and full of success! Stay healthy and active with ATENK events!

So, the first event is at the end of the current month – English week. we have prepared a series of tasks for you.

Post videos of your students every day from September, 27 to October, 1 on your Instagram Stories and tag ATENK @atenk2030 in your Instagram stories

  1. Tell about yourself: Name, surname, school, class, your English teacher. Why do you like English? Tell us your story! (no more than 30 sec)
  2. Describe your favourite movie (no more than 30 sec)
  3. Sing a song in English (no more than 30 sec)
  4. Recite a poem in English (no more than 30 sec)
  5. Describe your favourite game you play (no more than 30 sec)

1 compliance with the regulations
2 post videos every day
3 high-quality clear video
4 good pronunciation, fluent speech
5 make it interesting and creative

Winners will get ATENK branded products: notebooks, pens, mugs, flash-drives and power banks!



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To enter the challenge, please complete the registration form:


Скачайте "Письмо-согласие для законного представителя ребенка", распечатайте, предоставьте на подпись родителю Вашего ученика, отсканируйте (либо сфотографируйте), загрузите через Google Forms (Registration).


ATENK English Week Challenge 2021

The Week of Languages is a school-based event which originated in the Soviet era and is still going strong in present-day Kazakhstan. It takes place at the end of September and beginning of October. During this week, teachers of Kazakh, Russian and English prepare a programme for their schools which is approved by a principal or a vice principal. During the Week of Languages, teachers and students perform concerts, plays, games, or something interesting and different from within the curriculum.

With this Soviet-based tradition in mind, ATENK decided to adapt it into an online, Instagram challenge, entitled “ATENK English Week Challenge 2021”. In line with the TESOL Principle of “Know your Learners”, ATENK launched this event via Instagram as this platform undoubtedly responds to the learners’ needs and interests.

More than 28 schoolchildren participated in “ATENK English Week Challenge 2021”. 28 teachers filled in the special Google Form, and only 16 out of 28 children performed on all five days. They are:

  1. Kashkirov Davyd (teacher - Altymyshova Aizada, Petropavlovsk)
  2. Akzhibek Erzhan (teacher - Zhuzim Naimanbaeva)
  3. Arman Nuriddin (teacher - Beisembaeva Aimira)
  4. Alina (teacher - Aizhan Turekhanova, secondary school # 5)
  5. Ainash Temirova (teacher - Rauza Zharmaganbetova)
  6. Demidova Sofia (teacher - Muratbekova Ainur)
  7. Ida Yakovchenko (teacher - Gulnara Yakovchenko)
  8. Meruyert Khamitova (teacher - Voropayeva Tatyana)
  9. Kalymtaeva Tomiris (teacher - Dneprovskaya Nina)
  10. Valter Alex (teacher - Arakelova Elena)
  11. Sentujanova Dariya (teacher - Ktasheva Albina, Tayinsha district)
  12. Shevcova Milana (teacher - Ktasheva Albina, Tayinsha district)
  13. Ioanidi Dariya (teacher - Ktasheva Albina, Tayinsha district)
  14. Postoronok Victoriya (teacher - Ktasheva Albina, Tayinsha district)
  15. Igilikkyzy Ayauly (teacher - Saltanat Abdirova, Tayinsha district)
  16. Makpal Mubarakova (teacher - Almagul Baimenova, Ualikhanov district)

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