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Best Lesson Plan 2022

Dear colleagues,


the registration is open from January 12 and will close on January 29, 2022.


The link for the registration is here:


Submissions of the lesson plans will start from February 20 until March 6.

For more details read the regulations. 


Best Lesson Plan 2022 Contest results

From January 12, 2022 to March 27, 2022, Association of Teachers of English North Kazakhstan and Petropavlovsk ATENK held the annual Best Lesson Plan 2022 Contest.
The goal of the Contest is to expose teachers to the American English resources and align them with the Kazakhstani English Subject Programme.
The Contest was supported by the Regional English Language Office, the US Embassy in Kazakh-stan.
The Contest included 3 stages:
I. Call for participation. The total number of the registered participants is 151 teachers from the North Kazakhstan region and Petropavlovsk.



II. Three teacher training webinars on lesson planning held by jury members:

  1. Robert Sim - IELTS,CELTA Certified Teacher, Scotland, UK
  2. Olga Pogorelova - IELTS,CELTA, MEd Certified Teacher, teacher trainer
  3. Recorded video on using AE resources in planning lesson plans with August Garnsey, English Language Fellow

III. Lesson plans submission stage.
As a result, 63 completed lessons plans were created by the contestants.



1st place winners
1st place Diploma, Grant for teaching professional development courses of Online Professional English Network (OPEN), US Embassy in Kazakhstan, valuable prize.
● Mariya Baranovskaya, First IT-lyceum, Petropavlovsk
● Tamara Shulga, Birlik Secondary school, G.Musrepov district
2nd place winners
2nd place Diploma, valuable prizes
● Mahabbat Alhatova, Novoishim Secondary School #1, G.Musrepov district
● Olga Brown, Chervonnaya secondary school, G.Musrepov district
3rd place winners
3rd place Diploma, valuable prizes
● Almagul Baimenova, Chernigov Secondary school, Ualikhanov district
● Zhanar Zhantlessova, City classical gymnasium named after S. Shaimerdenov, Petropavlovsk
The participants who have submitted the lesson plans and used AE resources there will receive an e-certificate via email.

Dear participants, ATENK expresses sincere gratitude for your active participation and valuable contribution to the Contest. All theLPs were sufficient and showed participants’ commitment!

We will create a bank of lesson plans, which could help other teachers in their teaching practice.

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