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On Saturday, February 29, ATENK held a workshop at the American Corner in Petropavlovsk titled, “How to Write a Proposal for ATENK 2020 Conference”. The workshop was led by ATENK President, Albina Kassenova and international English teacher from the USA, August Garnsey. Both speakers are experienced presenters at conferences such as KazTEA & TESOL.

The participants were eager and excited to write a proposal, but most of them have no experience in this writing skill. The co-presenters guided the group through many things such as the importance of attending a regional conference and how it is a stepping stone in the ladder of continuous professional development, how to write a mini bio, a meaningful program description, and a complete abstract. Special focus was given on how to integrate proper literature and research on the specific topic to support your proposal idea and strengthen your abstract. Furthermore, samples from international conference proposals were shared as a model and tips and recommendations were provided by the presenters.

All in all, the workshop was stimulating and a helpful boost in confidence for participants in writing a proposal for ATENK’s international conference!


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