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English Week 2021 Challenge

Hello, dear English teachers! 
We congratulate you on the beginning of the school year! We wish this year is productive and full of success! Stay healthy and active with ATENK events! 
So, the first event is at the end of the current month – English week. we have prepared a series of tasks for you.
Post videos of your students every day from September, 27 to October, 1 on your Instagram Stories and tag ATENK @atenk2030 in your Instagram stories
1. Tell about yourself: Name, surname, school, class, your English teacher. Why do you like English? Tell us your story! (no more than 30 sec)
2. Describe your favourite movie (no more than 30 sec)
3. Sing a song in English (no more than 30 sec)
4. Recite a poem in English (no more than 30 sec)
5. Describe your favourite game you play (no more than 30 sec)
1 compliance with the regulations
2 post videos every day
3 high-quality clear video
4 good pronunciation, fluent speech
5 make it interesting and creative 
Winners will get ATENK branded products: notebooks, pens, mugs, flash-drives and power banks!English Week 2021 poster ATENK

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