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RELO visiting North Kazakhstan

On October 22, 2021, Olga Paterova, a representative of the RELO (Regional English Language Office), the US Embassy in Kazakhstan, visited our region.

A meeting was organized to discuss the issues of interaction between the RELO and the North Kazakhstan Department of Education, our Association and the CMT (Center of Methodological Technologies). The meeting took place at the Schoolchildren Palace.
The meeting was attended by Tatyana Protopopova - Deputy Head of the Education Department, Valentina Chernykh - Head of the Education Quality Department, Ainagul Zhilkozhina - Deputy Director of the CMT and Vice-president of the ATENK - Assel Shonova.
Olga Paterova talked about the available programs for English teachers and students, such as the OPEN program, English Language Specialist, American English Webinars etc. Valentina Chernykh expressed a great interest in the presented programs and also highlighted that cooperation between our region and RELO could be effective for our teachers.
It was a meaningful and constructive conversation in a friendly atmosphere, which will hopefully roll over into close cooperation with mutual benefit.



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